Miso Handmade

Handmade Gifts for Pets & their People

We are Miso Handmade

Personality Plus

We design all of our toys to please you as much as to please your pets. Toys make life more fun for them (and for us!)  Because play is an important part of healthy living, we believe that life is too short to skimp on fun and that our pets deserve better than plastic jingle ball toys.  

100% Handmade

We personally design and make everything we sell so you can buy with confidence knowing that you are indeed supporting "Handmade in the USA" or as we like to say...                     "Proudly NOT Made in China."

Each day we design, embroider, sew, stuff, package and post cat and dog toys, filling retail and wholesale orders from around the globe.

Trish Iriye is the head seamstress who works with assistance from head donut stuffer husband Aidan Robson and primary fish & bunny sewer mom Penny Iriye. The three of us are crazy about sewing, fabric and our pets!


Style & Substance

Looks matter, but it's what's inside that counts!  It takes gorgeous materials and top ingredients to make fabulous toys.

  • We use an amazing USDA certified organic catnip from an organic farm in the Pacific Northwest.  
  • Our gorgeous wool blend felt is from an American mill that has been making the best wool felts since 1905.
  • Ultra potent compressed catnip pellets from Canada add heft to select toys.
We believe in sourcing locally first.  From our fabrics to our fill and even to our packaging, we try to support other local small business.